Did you lose your money online trading CFDs or Forex?

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We are THE company that your scam broker fears!

Wealth Recovery Experts is a professional team of financial, legal, banking and regulatory experts who have taken responsibility to use our expertise to help victims of scam activity by regulated and unregulated trading platforms get their money back.

We are THE company that your scam broker fears.  If you have fallen victim to predatory online trading websites – Wealth Recovery Experts CAN get your money back. We take pride in being THE industry experts in fund recovery.

Did your account manager advise you to make bad trades?  Are you unable to withdraw your funds unless you pay suspicious “taxes” or “fees”?  Have you been passed from one person to another and don’t know why?  We can help you!

How we help?


The first stage in wealth recovery from a scam operation is figuring out whether the company in question is legal or not.  Then we must pinpoint the exact violations that were made, who is really at fault and what the correct avenues are in order to make our next step.


After concluding the research, our team of experts compile a detailed history of your experience, step by step, trade by trade, and build an irrefutable case, identifying all possible avenues to offer the maximum success for your wealth recovery.


These companies have a long history of scamming. They create the feeling that you have no way to get your money back.  We can take action but, you are only allowed one chance to try. Based on our experience, we maximize your chance of getting your money back.

“The team at Wealth Recovery Expert are professional, honest and very helpful. I was very pleased with the entire recovery process which was completed with a successful outcome in less than 6 weeks. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending WRE to anyone who has been a victim of fraud.”

– Lisa

“I’ll admit to being initially sceptical [sic] after getting my fingers burned by a notorious forex company. I felt so stupid. But the guys at WRE patiently listened to my woes and came up with a plan that saw me get virtuallly [sic] ALL OF MY MONEY BACK. The service is worth every penny, as I cannot see how I would’ve got anything at all without their guidance. Definitely the people to try.”

– Corinne Lane

Do you want the help of a company that your scam broker fears?