Golden Markets who operated using the website and  Has been offline for almost half a year.

Golden Markets

If you were not aware.  Golden Markets was a scam. Golden Markets were initially flagged by the FCA and eventually they were shut down by Interpol.  This brand may be gone but we can assure you that the criminals behind this scam have more than likely opened up a new scam brand.


In the end, Golden Markets who charaded as a Crypto trading platform, were brought down by their use of a Spanish business address.  Normally a scam broker will use a business address in a place like Bulgaria, Estonia, BVI, Vanuatu etc.  A country with either extremely lax policing, law enforcement and regulation.  In doing so this can turn-off potential scam victims who have done a bit of research.  Golden Markets used this as ploy to lure hundreds of clients.  “Just check us out, we are in Barcelona…”, they would tell their clients who asked if they could be trusted.  In the short term this enabled them to scam hundreds if not thousands more victims, but fortunately this was the critical error that led to the demise of this monster.

But what can I do?

Fortunately for the vast majority of those who “Invested” with Golden Markets there is light at the end of the tunnel.  Anyone who paid with a credit or debit card has a possibility of getting their money back.  Golden Markets was prepared for likely attempt of their clients to try and recovery their stolen equity and they have gone to great lengths to cover their tracks.  Unless you have the proper guidance, Golden Markets will use the payment processing rules and processing to shut down all possible attempts.

How can I get my money back?

You need an expert.  You need a wealth recovery expert to get your money back.  You need someone who know the payment processing systems better than Golden Markets and can ensure that they don’t use the payment processing systems against you.  Wealth Recovery Expert has had many successful experiences recovering money from Golden Markets, despite their attempts to block the recovery process.  This success comes from years of working with the payment processors and understanding where each step could take a wrong turn.  If you have paid by debit or credit card to Golden Markets within the last year and a half, Wealth Recovery Expert can get your money back into your bank account where it belongs.


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