If you have traded or are currently trading with Get Financial then you have probably reached your boiling point and are questioning the validity of Get Financial.

This question is completely justified and valid!

Let’s look at Get Financial, analyze and see if we can come away with a clear conclusion.


The address that is listed on Get-Financial.com is Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Centre, Beachmont.  Notice that no country is listed… This is odd and definitely deceptive.

When we search this address on google maps here is what we find:

This office is located in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, which is a clear scam indicator.  Furthermore, when we googled this address we found dozens of other scam brokers and a scam recovery company that share this address, including SimpleFX, Diamond FX, Instinct.trade, FXfair.com, BrokerRegulator.com (Fake Wealth Recovery company), etc.

These details alone are enough for Wealth Recovery Expert to label get-financial.com as a scam.

But let’s look further.


None!  Absolutely nothing.  Most scam brokers will at least show a trading license from a country that has absolutely no validity or bearing to regulated trading such as Vanuatu or Belize but Get Financial don’t even make an attempt to state they are regulated.

They also have an official FCA Warning.

What Does Unregulated Mean?

To be plain and simple it means that they completely control all movements of the trading platform on all sides.  The markets that appear on your screen when “trading” with Get Financial are not connected to any financial instruments and the money that you “deposit” goes directly into Get Financial’s bank account never to be seen again.

Financial Instruments

Which financial instruments to Get Financial offer to trade?  This is what their website states, “We offer traders the variety of assets that allow them to trade forex, CFDs on indices, commodities, stocks and cryptocurrencies – all on one platform.”

Most legitimate broker trade within a specific market.  Let me give you an example if you call up a stockbroker to buy some stocks what does he offer you… Stocks.  He will never offer you anything else because he can’t.  His license only allows him to buy and sell stocks.

Get Financial apparently can trade anything.  They might as well include Pokemon cards and stamps.


This seems pretty cut and clear from us at Wealth Recovery Expert, Get-Financial seems to be about as real as a pokemon.

If you have traded with or are currently traded with ecncapital.com then we highly suggest you be in contact with Wealth Recovery Expert immediately so we can asses whether you get your money back.

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