Is Wise Banc a scam?

If you are currently “trading” with you are probably not aware that they used to be which has an FCA warning and numerous other scam warnings that can be found online.

Previously to being they operated under the name Prime CFS (

Why the change of name?

How scam trading companies operate is they will create what is called a “brand“, which is essentially a package of website, trading platform and marketing that they use over and over again.  The brand is the name/company that everything operates under.  Usually these scam organizations will own multiple brands in order to maximize their scam capabilities.

Once a specific brand has been marked as a scam and is known throughout the internet as a scam the company will either shut down that brand and create a new brand or they will make a change in the brand in order to distance from the scam warnings.

In the case of they have already rebranded twice.

Office Location

If you do some digging you can locate in the terms and conditions section on in section 7 it states Owned and Operated by Orion Service EOOD, Popovo street 10, Lozenetz district, Sofia 1421, Bulgaria.  When we do a google search of this location this is what we find:

For a company that boasts to have over 260,000 traders, we would expect their premises to be better than a run-down house in Bulgaria.

Regulatory License

None!  Not one mention of being regulated by any regulatory body anywhere, not even in Bulgaria.  This means they are free to manipulate your trading account as they please.


This company is a veteran scam organization!

If you have traded with or are currently traded with then we highly suggest you be in contact with Wealth Recovery Expert immediately so we can asses whether you get your money back.

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