We all share a similar need

The nature of a trading scam begins with one simple seed: scammers understand human nature. They know that all of us want to see our bank accounts swell. Many of us dream of being exceedingly wealthy while many of us just want to feel the satisfaction of making ends meet and taking care of our loved ones who rely on us.

We have all heard or read about the person who made the “right” investment that changed their life. In hindsight, we say that we too could have been an early investor in Google, YouTube, FaceBook…

Ahhh…we missed the boat to turn $10,000 into $10,000,000.

Investors like you are in it to make real money!

Busy at work or just maybe surfing on your phone at home, you see an ad that catches your eye. The company makes the promise that deep down we all really want to hear: invest with us and we will virtually guarantee you a massive life-changing return on your money.

You click, fill in your email or phone number and shortly after you receive a call from a real person who listens to your needs and inspires confidence.

But you aren’t impulsive and foolish so you test the broker out carefully. You start with a small deposit of $250….and within a week you know you have made the right decision. Your $250 account has grown to $3,000! You make a simple calculation: if $250 can become $3,000, then just imagine what a larger investment will do to change your life forever?!

You have heard about so many online scams so you make one more test and you request to withdraw some of the money from your account. Within a day, with zero fees or charges, you receive $100 back into your bank account.

Your personal broker calls again

When your personal broker calls on you again, you’re ready. Your trading account has grown and so has your confidence. Your broker congratulates you on your savvy investment and the fantastic results. And he tells you exactly what you have already told yourself: now is the time to make a larger investment and see the same explosive growth. ready to make real money, you deposit $5,000…$8,500…$15,000..because you are in it to win big.

Your account takes a turn for the worse

You were expecting to already see the explosive growth but when you log in, you see that your initial deposit of $250 that grew to $3,000…and was then bolstered by an additional deposit…has dwindled to $100!!!! And that’s when you get a call from your broker. As always, he has all the time in the world to speak with you. He takes a minute to console you on the loss but takes plenty of time to assure you that this is the nature of the market and exactly now, when the market is down, is when the smart investors make the real money.

“Double down and make another $5,000 deposit and as soon as the market picks back up you’ll make a killing!”

“You’re a smart investor and we believe in you. Make another deposit and we will leverage you 3:1. Deposit $7,000 and we will credit your account with $21,000”

Fight or Flight?

This is the turning point for many people – time to dive in deep or get out. Those that dive in follow the cunning advice of their broker (ie scammer) and make more and more “deposits” into the trading account hoping for things to turn around. those “deposits’ will never be seen again. And if the “broker” can manage to keep milking you for more deposits with promises of trading bonuses, leverage, and a great “inside secret” you may well find yourself broke with mountains of debt to friends, family, and the bank.

Those who decide that enough is enough will find that they are in a losing battle. Any requests for withdrawing your remaining funds will be stalled, piled high with “fees”, or simply ignored. maybe your account manager was “fired” and now you are passed from one manager to the next. Your account manager will explain that there is no way to see your money again because you lost it on bad trades.

Your pleas and cries to your lawyer friend will be met with deaf ears. He may even tell you that you’ve been duped by scammers. Now, your insecurity about losing your money is joined by the sickening feeling that you were robbed.

You do some investigating online and see that you have now joined a large club of unfortunate people who have lost some or all of their money to the same company.

WRE is ready NOW to get your money back

With years of experience fighting the good fight, we have the right team to get your money back to your pocket. With a powerful team of experts in trading regulations, payment processing, bank regulations, and wealth recovery, WRE can build that case that cannot be refused.

Allow us to turn you from the VICTIM to the VICTOR!

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