We have recently had a lot of questions about a trader by the name of Infinitrade. Are they legitimate?  We have been informed of trading CFDs, Crypto, Stocks, Forex etc. so let’s see if we can get your money back that was lost.

Without further ado, let’s dive in and see what we can find.

Where are they located?

At the bottom of the Infinitrade website it is stated

 INFINITRADE is operated by A&E Products Ltd (Company number: 101561) – Registered aAddress : Trust Company Complex Ajeltake Road , Ajetlate Island, Majuro, Marshall Islands MH96960 – Trading services A&E Products Ltd – (Company number 205722325) Operating Address : 10 Haidut sider ap 18 Sofia City R.A Sofia 1309 Bulgaria) – Paying Agent

Immediately there are 3 red flags.  There is an error in the text.  Not the end of the world but most legitimate companies don’t make simple mistakes. 

Second the company is registered in the Marshall Islands which is about the size of a football pitch with no regulation whatsoever.  This means the company can manipulate the trading platform as they please and there is no legal or governmental backlash that will ever take place.

Third the paying agent is located in Bulgaria, which is another favorite scam hub.  This means they process their payment processing in a company that does not regulate scam companies at all.

Clearly this company does not want to abide by any laws and does not want to be found.  To any reasonable and logical person this is not the type of company that you would ever want to give thousands, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousand of dollars for the purpose of supposed investments.

What about the regulation?

What about it… there isn’t any.  As stated above this seemingly fraud company can operate in any way they please without having to answer to anyone.  An unregulated trading scam is in total control of the trading platform and will manipulate it in order to receive more “deposits” until their victim is cleaned out.  They will never allow withdrawals and they will probably tack on phony taxes with a promise to release funds.

Image Search

We did an image search for their client “Russel Garner” who is apparently from Manchester, UK and we found 10 pages on a google search that show the exact same image.  This image is definitely not their client and it goes without saying the testimonial is probably also fake too.

Third party verification

Trust your pilot:

These scammers boast a 78% bad rating on Trust Pilot. This speaks for itself, they have burned enough people and have not properly covered their tracks.  The complaints very from not letting their clients withdraw funds, to the account losing money, really the laundry list goes on.


Stay very far away from these fraudsters.  If you have already given them money please be in contact with us at Wealth Recovery Expert so we can guide you through the process of getting your money back.