Is Brighter Trade a Scam?

We are very familiar with  They are a company that has a long history of scamming.

At first they were Plus Option, then they became Greenfields Investment, then they became and now they have become and Next Coin Market.

How do we know?

The quick answer is sloppy scamming tactics.  Let me explain.  With every scam there is a head to the scam company that has many different arms or “brands”.  But, each brand goes to the same call centre and has the same employees operating the scam across all brands.  Sometimes the scammers will get mixed up with which brand they are scamming with and they will slip up and sign off on an email or a phone call and mention another brand.  This has been the case time after time with Brighter Trade, they have made errors and have indicated somehow they are another scam company in their chain of Scam Brands.

Website Analyzation

The first point of breaking down the website we take a look at the company’s location.  For us this is a bit of Deja Vu.  The address as listed on the website is

Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Centre, 1510, Beachmont, Kingstown, St. Vincent

Which happens to be the exact same address as Get Financial a scam company that we looked into not so long ago.  This indicates something we already knew.  Yes, Brighter Trade is a scam.  It may be they are part of the same scam, or it may be they used the same agency to set up their offshore business, but it wouldn’t surprise us if they were the same company.  We will have to wait for a slip up to see if we can verify this hunch.

Accepted Traders

There are a few countries that actively pursue fraudulent trading companies, namely the USA and Israel.  Anytime you see a trading company that doesn’t accept traders from these countries this should be a red flag.  Especially if a company is offshore and there isn’t any reason not to accept from any particular country.  The only reason not to accept clients from said countries is because they are worried about being pursued criminally.


Again we are in very familiar territory… None, nothing, nada!  Brighter trade are not regulated at all which means that they can manipulate and control their platform as they please and nobody is going to do anything about it.  For more information about how they manipulate their platform to scam their victims check out our article on Nature of a Trading Scam for more information.


This was already a foregone conclusion before we even started.  We know they are a scam, we know how they operate and when know how to get your money back from them.

If you’ve been a victim of then please reach out to us asap so when can start getting your money back today.