Investing in a young Trading Guru

In May of 2019 the Plymouth Herald unknowingly played the devils advocate.  They posted a story title “Plymouth student makes a fortune trading in foreign currencies”  The article was a piece about an a 20 year old Forex trading prodigy who started to trade in the foreign currencies markets and supposedly turned £100 into a small fortune. In July wrote an article titled “Student turned £200 into £100,000 while studying to be a doctor”  In November of the same year the Daily Mail posted a similar article titled “Medical student, 20, says foreign exchange trading will make him a millionaire by the time he is 21 as he poses with gold-wrapped £50,000 Maserati

The basis of these articles were based on Singh’s social media persona.  Gurvin Singh who operated under the Instagram handle gs_3 boasted over 100,000 Instagram followers at the time the article was written and no doubt, caused this number to multiply significantly.  Gs_3 has been posting pictures and videos of himself partaking in the finer things.  His posts include globetrotting, driving expensive sports cars, hanging out with models and shopping down the mall.

The Plymouth Herald reported an interview where the Singh made statements like “I’m driving a £15,000 Audi and want to upgrade to a £30,000 Maserati….”

Another statement was “You can spend one or two hours a day Forex trading and still make money. There is no limit to what you make.”

The media outlets didn’t realize that they were giving their stamp of approval and third party verification to a clever fraudster.

From Gs3 to Infinox

“The scammers want you to give them money and say they will invest it, say they will give you a return, but you never see it. I’m teaching people to trade, the money I charge is for education. I show you how to set up your own trading company.”

Whit the approval of these articles Gs3 Trading had set its trap.  Singh had pulled the wool over everyone’s eye’s.  You and I are left believing that if the money is deposited with a 3rd party trading company then it couldn’t possibly be a scam.

In reality Gurvin had built a clone fake trading website called which cloned the website  He then had all of his victims make their deposits to this fraudulent FX trading platform in which he and his employees were in total control. is an unregulated broker which other than a few minor tweaks is identical to the original .com version.  To understand the how unregulated platforms operate see the “Scam Victim” section of the article here.

Gs3 had received validation from 3 news outlets. The articles espoused his trading genius.  Now there was a line of victims ready to deposit into his Infinox scam broker site.  The money deposited went directly into his off-shores bank account.  As planned, a unforeseen catastrophe occurred. This left all accounts empty.  Gurvin Singh pretended to be an “educator” or “adviser”.  So, this act of God that lost all the money couldn’t possibly be connected to him.

At Wealth Recovery Expert then we see this scam on a daily basis.  However, the marketing innovation that Gurvin Singh was an absolute masterclass.  To have an article published up by 3 major UK media outlets coupled with hundreds of thousands of Instagram follows

FCA Warning

On New Years Eve the FCA issued an official warning.  This warning is targeting everything which connects to Singh.

What can I do?

The good news is that Offshore banking have a requirement to keep a 20% rolling reserve of all funds deposited for a two year period.  It is essential that you act soon so you can get you money back!  Wealth recovery expert are the industry experts who can get your money back.

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