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Is Investous legit? Smart of you to ask that question if you are wondering whether to trade with Investous or not. This Investous review will help you figure that out. You are smart to want to protect your hard-earned money from scam forex and fake CFD trading platforms.

What if you already put money in your new Investous account? You are still in the right place. This honest Investous review will let you know if it’s high time you withdrew your funds before you lose them for good.

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Now here’s the whole truth about Investous.

Investous Review: What You Need to Know Now

Search for “Investous reviews” around the internet. What do you see?

A boatload of fake praises. Not reviews.

You can easily tell that because the people and sites writing those reviews want to earn affiliate commissions by enticing you to sign up for an Investous account and deposit money.

They earn 10% of the profits that each person they refer gets:

CommissionsSo, when you read such “Investous reviews”, where the writer is just telling you how the brand works and not whether it is a legit broker, take them with a grain of salt.

Here’s an honest Investous breakdown to help you make an informed decision on whether Investous is a scam broker or a legit company that’ll hold your interests dear.

What is Investous?

Apparently, Investous is an online forex, Contracts for Difference (CFD), and cryptocurrencies broker. It avails over 270 tradable assets, including commodities, forex, indices, and stocks.

The company offers a 30:1 retail and 400:1 professional leverages.

Investous claims on its website that it is based in Cyprus.

More specifically, Investous location is Kolonakiou Avenue 43, 4103 Agios Athanasios in Limassol, Cyprus.

It has two arms, one based in Cyprus, as just mentioned, and another based in Belize.

The Cyprus branch targets the European market while the Belize arm targets the international forex trading market.

Is Investous regulated?

This is where it gets interesting. Here’s the company information that Investous gives out on its website:

Not regulatedA quick check on the official CySEC website reveals that LEVELTIME SERVICES is NOT in its list of regulated companies. Check this out:

Leveltime Not Regulated by CySEC

Here we can clearly see that it has put up a fake non-regulated company as its Cyprus payment agent. That clearly shows your money is not safe with Investous.

The Belize arm is parented by IOS Investments and seems to be regulated by the International Financial Services Commission of Belize (license number IFSC/60/511/TS/19). You can confirm this here.

The Cyprus arm is not legit. The Belize arm is a huge red flag. Here’s why:

Being regulated in Belize is almost as good as being regulated in never-land.

In this industry, any regulatory bodies other than SEC, FCA, CySEC or ASIC means that there is not any regulation.

That leads to the big question:

How does Investous net people in?

Here are some aspects of Investous that make it seem like a legit brokerage. Those include:

1.      Licensing and Regulation

They have fake licensing and regulation info on their website. As we’ve proven above, the Cyprus arm is totally unregulated, and the Belize regulation doesn’t hold any water in this industry.

The fact that they’ve displayed this “regulation info” may convince some people that Investous operations are scrutinized by a dedicated body.

Note that for the Cyprus arm to be regulated, it would have had to meet several standards recognized under the European MiFID II directive such as:

  • The brokerage should use segregated accounts for its customers, and with a legit, top-tier bank
  • The brokerage should have an Investment Compensation Fund (ICV) to compensate traders up to Euros 20,000 in case it collapses
  • The broker must always maintain a minimum Euros 750,000 capital to cushion traders

However, since Investous is NOT CySEC regulated, it misses the mark big-time.

Why claim to operate internationally with people’s money but not try to get more solid regulation? This brings up major trust issues. Read on to find out why scam companies avoid some countries.

2.      Demo Account

The company openly agrees that 81.66% of retail investors who trade with them do lose money.

But Investous offers a demo account with $100,000, so new signees can learn their system in a safe environment before taking up a real account.

Some huge scam companies never offer demo accounts. They pressure you to deposit money from the get-go. At least Investous gives you that access.

Of course, you can still go straight to the real account if you want.

You’ll choose among their four plans:

Investous Plans

Investous plans

But due to what we’ve identified in this Investous review, we do not recommend this company. Do not deposit any of your money there. It is not safe.

3.      Identity verification requirement

Investous lets people deposit money into their real accounts without verifying their identity. But you won’t be able to make withdrawals if you don’t.

Any company dealing in financial instruments should require identity verification for Anti-Money Laundering compliance and to curb other fraudulent activity.

Investous scam signals to watch out for

Now, here are some Investous red flags that you shouldn’t ignore.

1.      Fake Awards?

Questionable awardsOn its website, Investous claims to have received two Forex Awards for Best Trading Platform 2018 and Best Execution Broker 2018.

The Forex Awards website has listed them, but there are no guarantees because Forex Awards is not an authority site, so it could be compromised.

You can visit the winners’ page and see if you’ll recognize scam forex brokerages that have been awarded best this or best that.

2.      It doesn’t operate in the USA., Canada, etc.

A big indicator that a site may have something to hide is when they don’t operate in, enroll users from, and are not based in countries where there are strong fraud laws to protect unsuspecting traders.

The international arm of Investous doesn’t operate in countries like the USA, Israel, and Canada, which might be suspicious.

3. It has listed a fake, unregulated company as its Cyprus payment agent

Here it is once again:

Not regulated

Yes, LEVELTIME SERVICES is NOT regulated by CySEC. Actually, this is one of the biggest red flag.

4. Downright disgusting reviews on Trustpilot UK

Trustpilot is an independent and reputed brand globally for showing legitimate reviews by real people. What is the average Trustpilot score for Investous?

Check this out:

Terrible Trustpilot ReviewsThe poor Investous reviews came from ninety-four people who’ve been Investous customers.

Read along to see how Investous “managers” make dozens of calls, send endless emails, and even text messages pestering customers to deposit increasing amounts into their account—even when the funds burn during trades.

Investous reviews on Trustpilot read like this:

Investous ScamInvestous review verdict

After objectively reviewing this company, you can clearly tell that Investous is a scam. It’s not a company you want to work with.

But if you have already deposited money in your Investous account, or have lost money trading on Investous, make a quick booking to see how Wealth Recovery Expert can help you get back your money.