ScamsAds & Beyond Review

No one minds some quick money, right? And it gets better when you can earn it without leaving your couch.

There are numerous ways you can make good money online. But scammers have also seen this as an opportunity to defraud innocent people.

One such scam is banner advertising. Everything from the business model to the companies that users supposedly help with advertising is questionable.

Unfortunately, numerous people have fallen for these traps. And this is the reason we have carried out this honest Ads & Beyond Review. If you have been a victim of fraud, schedule a free consultation with us, and we will help you recover it.

Like all other scam banner ads sites, Ads & Beyond hides behind the mask of a genuine platform that helps businesses with their advertising costs while empowering online marketers. But it cannot be any further from the truth.

About Ads & Beyond

Ads & Beyond is a self-service marketing platform that investors use to earn money from banner advertising and social media ads.

The website is a bit sketchy, but we were able to gather some details.

Ads & Beyond operates under A & B PTY Limited and has been in the advertisement industry since 1993. It is an Australian company registered under registration number ACN: 059954880.

Ads & Beyond RegistrationUsers can design an online advertising campaign for one of the companies that Ads & Beyond partners with in their ad campaigns and marketing. The user then earns from ad clicks and a commission of the sales the ads attract.

A long history and proper registration sound like enough reason to trust Ads & Beyond. But don’t be carried away by the false display of legitimacy. This Ads & Beyond review will show you the red flags and expose the scammers behind the façade.

A Successful Online Marketer With No Skills?

Ads & Beyond claims that all you need to start running your campaign is ‘an internet connection, a computer or mobile device, and excitement.’ You do not need to be skilled.

This is misleading. Marketing is not an easy task as Ads & Beyond paints it to be.

You need to know how to best design the ads, where to place them, and who to target, among other things. Trying to attract inexperienced people with the false promise of turning them into overnight online marketing successes shows that Ads & Beyond is a scam.

Something else that smells of a scam is the claim to partner with top companies, such as Zoom, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson, as shown in the marketplace.

False claims on marketplaceYou don’t need to know much about business to understand that there is no way these top companies would leave their online advertising to unskilled marketers. Again, this is misleading information that Ads & Beyond uses to attract unwary investors.

Ads & Beyond’s Request for too Many Details

When it comes to withdrawals, the list of personal documents required to get your funds is long.

Why would it require so many sensitive documents? What’s worse is that a different company, Techspace Consultants Limited, is responsible for carrying out the Know Your Client Process.

It is also mentioned that the user may be required to provide additional documents in certain circumstances.

You get two options here – ignore the red flags and provide sensitive details to strangers or give up the money you have worked hard to earn.

User agreementExpensive Fees to Join Ads & Beyond

Ads & Beyond provides six account types whose fees is beyond extravagant. The cheapest is $5,000, which is the standard account. The VIP account goes for $100,000.

Expensive feesAnd this is not all.

In addition to the membership fees, you need to add funds to your account to create a campaign. And there is an additional cost of management fees that can be increased at any time.

Additional cost

By paying such a high amount, you would expect the commission to be equally high as well.

But according to the terms and conditions, the least amount of pay per click rate you can get is $0.001, and the sale commission is $0.001%. This means that the possibility of earning at these low rates of $0.001 and $0.001% exists.

Pay per click rate

There is also a withdrawal charge of 25% that cannot go lower than $25.

Withdrawal feesWe can only conclude one thing from this: Ads & Beyond is solely focused on milking as much money as it can from its users.

Too Much Room for Manipulation by Ads & Beyond

Here is another disturbing fact.

You could spend all the truckload of money required by Ads & Beyond to run a campaign, and the company will manipulate the number of clicks you get for your ads.

As stated in the Terms and Conditions, Ads & Beyond is responsible for tracking qualified ad clicks for click payments. And given the thirst for money demonstrated through its fees and rates, you cannot expect Ads & Beyond to be honest about the amount you earn.

Room for manipulationThe Damning Testimonials Against Ads & Beyond

We cannot conclude this Ads & Beyond Review without a testimonial from a user of the platform.

And it confirms our suspicions. Ads & Beyond is a scam.

This user used Scamadviser to warn investors not to commit their money to the company. In their experience, the account advisers push you into expensive campaigns for multi-billion companies. And apparently, these companies are in no partnership with Ads $ Beyond.

They do not honor the payout either, so you end up losing all your money – capital and profits.

Ads & Beyond ScamAds & Beyond Review Verdict: What Now?

It is as clear as day, investing your money with Ads & Beyond is bound to end in heartbreak. And the amount you will lose, from the membership fee to the cost of running the campaigns, will be substantial.

In case you have already fallen for this scam, no need to worry. Schedule a free consultation with us, and we will handle it.

Always go through the terms and conditions before investing your money through any platform.

No matter how authentic a website or company appears, a simple research on Google will bring out the dirt, if there is any.