ScamsValley Tech Spec Limited Review

Valley Tech Spec Limited gives the promise of quick and secure high returns with controllable risks. But from the high-risk nature of Forex trading and CFDs, we know this is far from the truth.

Yes, it’s possible to make some profits from online trading, especially if you are a veteran. But you have to be dealing with a genuine broker who will make it possible to win or lose fairly.

In this Valley tech Spec Limited review, we will assess if this broker can be trusted. We will look at its regulation, reviews, and other details that will help us deduce a verdict.

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About Valley Tech Spec Limited

Valley Tech Spec Limited is an online foreign exchange and CFD brokerage platform. Its offices are in New Zealand.

Traders can trade in forex, commodities, and CFDs. It offers an MT5 trading platform that is compatible with Windows, Android, and iPhone. It boasts of offering 0 pips and 0 commissions.

Regulated or Not Regulated? A Reason Not to Trust Valley Tech Spec Limited

There was not much information we could find on Valley Tech Spec Limited’s registration or regulation. Since the broker’s offices are located in New Zealand, we tried to search the Financial Markets Authority of New Zealand but found zero results.

Brokers, both honest and scammers, know that having regulation works in their favor. It earns investors’ trust, and for this reason, they display it proudly on the website. The fact that we found no indication of regulation on Valley Tech Spec Limited means it does not exist.

This is a major reason not to risk trading with the broker. There is no assurance that your rights as an investor are protected. Or that the broker is obligated to always act in the best interests of its customers.

Unprofessional Website

The first thing that caught our attention is the obvious lack of professionalism in the design of the Valley Tech Spec Limited website. The broker put little effort into making it presentable, which is a trait common among scammers.

The sentences in the Company Profile are split mid-word.

Valley Tech Company Profile

And the copyright notice still reads 2019.

Outdated copyrightThis is an indication that the broker is not committed to building the brand, but rather, making money through unscrupulous ways.

A Web of Confusion – Another Reason not to Trust Valley Tech Spec Limited

We noticed that Valley Tech Spec Limited is affiliated with two other brokers. One of them, Vanhuuya, is mentioned in the CFD’s page.

Vahuuya BrokersThe second broker is Fourtryfinancial Group. It is part of Valley Tech Spec Limited, and its website is a replica of the Valley Tech Spec Limited website except for the names and logo.

However, there is no mention of Vanhuuya in the Fourtryfinancial Group CFD page. This is despite the Fourtryfinancial Group having the same physical and email address as Valley Tech Spec Limited.

Fourtryfinancial CFD PageWe got as confused as you are, and all we could say is that this is suspicious.

Valley Tech Spec Limited Suspicious Disclaimer

The broker is keen to distance itself from the losses traders incur under unfair conditions. The disclaimer page states that the broker is not responsible for any losses that occur as a result of relying on the information on the website. Even when the said information contains errors or is incomplete.

Suspicious disclaimerWhat is clear from this disclaimer is that Valley Tech Spec Limited intends to mislead inexperienced traders using the information on the website.

Why provide wrong information on the website if its intentions for traders are pure?

It goes on to say that the broker will not be responsible even when the loss is as a result of errors, negligence, or by intention.

Valley Tech Spec Limited ScamThis disclaimer should be enough to stop any potential investor on their tracks.

Poor Customer Service

A legitimate company will always provide more than one method that traders can use to get customer support. Valley tech Spec Limited only provides an email address and physical address, which comes out as suspicious. A phone number or chat function provides a faster method of communication.

No call or chat optionValley Tech Spec Limited Has Twisted Marketing Tactics

There have been numerous testimonies of investors who got introduced to Valley tech Spec Limited by Asian girls they met on a dating site.

This testimony and many more are on Forex Peace Army, a reputable review website. Apparently, Valley tech Spec Limited has invested in an army of girls who are spread out across various dating sites. They prey on unsuspecting people and brag about their success in business and investment. And once you are hooked to the lies, they introduce you to the scam broker.

This is unscrupulous by all standards. We could conclude this Valley tech Spec Limited review at this point, but let’s look at the experience of other customers.

What the Market has to Say About Valley Tech Spec Limited

We looked at other customers’ views about Valley Tech Spec Limited on Forex Peace Army.

In a discussion about the broker, one customer mentioned how they were offered a juicy reward if they agreed to open an account.

Unreasonable bonusThis other customer says how they have been receiving a lot of pressure to invest more money in the account from an account manager with a promise of trading tips. We can only hope that they did not fall for this trap.

Pressure by account managersValley Tech Spec Limited Review Conclusion: The Verdict

What is clear in this Valley Tech Spec Limited review is that the broker should be avoided by all means.

Everything about the broker, from its marketing strategies to its operations, proves it’s a scam. There is no evidence of its regulation, which is another strong reason to avoid it.

People who fall for its marketing traps are pressured into investing loads of money with the promise of making a lot of profit but only end up losing it under unfair conditions.

If you are a victim of Valley Tech Spec Limited or any other scam broker, you can fight for your money. Begin by scheduling a free consultation with us.