UFX review

UFX Review: What You Need To Know

The forex market is the largest and the most exciting trading zone in the world. The market has daily trading volumes of over $5 trillion and runs 24 hours a day of every working day globally. The price fluctuates, always opening opportunities to make the quickest bucks in record time. The allure of this blood-pumping…

ITRADER review

ITRADER Review: Has ITRADER Scammed You?

The forex and CFD market is huge and it may seem like it can give you attractive returns. However, it is also a complex field and a breeding ground for scammers promising high and quick returns. There are also countless brokers who use unethical methods to lure you into investing more money. As an investor,…


Gs3 Trades AKA Gurvin Singh Scam Exposed

Investing in a young Trading Guru In May of 2019 the Plymouth Herald unknowingly played the devils advocate.  They posted a story title “Plymouth student makes a fortune trading in foreign currencies”  The article was a piece about an a 20 year old Forex trading prodigy who started to trade in the foreign currencies markets…


Is Paying in Bitcoin a Good Idea?

Bitcoin Boom In the summer of 2017 it happened.  The bitcoin boom or more specifically the crypto currency boom.  This is when the entire world got sucked into the Crypto craze.  And at the same time this is when the Cryptocurrency scams saw a new opportunity to use this craze and bring people into their…